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OGL 4.0 is here!

A lot has changed (like this), and we're always open to feedback and suggestions!

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New Donator Rank Structure

Instead of a mixture of minerals and metals, we're refining the donator ranks to be more streamlined and therefore more balanceable, to further promote an environment that is friendly whilst challenging!

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Law Enforcement Overhaul

Officers, Chiefs and The President himself are more equipped than ever to carry out their duties and serve the land! But with that criminals have became smarter... more sneaky, The President and his chiefs have deliberated and have advised all officers to be vigilant - protect the bank, serve OGLopolis' people and most importantly, uphold the law!

Mass Rebalance

Guns, suits, the economy, jobs, custom jobs, printers, weapons, your nanna... You name it, it's been rebalanced!

The economy and more has been a long-time struggle for OGL to maintain balance, players were able to reach an exorbitant amount of money relatively quickly, and with nothing to spend the money on their wealth became vast, the money-making methods became obsolete and players were left roaming around with nothing to do. This has been adjusted to allow for a more consistent, rich experience. Enabling users to always have something to do, and increasing options of stuff to spend your hard-earned cash on.


The currency of the future...

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