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Trust Worthy

We love to think that we are offering a professional, high quality experience for everyone! Our plan is for people who join for the very first time, to enjoy and thrive with our community. What we mean by that is that not only do we want you the community to trust us, talk to us, and play on our server but we want to allow you to have a relaxing experience when you want or even have that little more fast paced gameplay when you want! Which Really allows us to put our faith into your hands! and we hope you can do the same.

Who Are We?

The Community as a whole representing, what someone can do in a short amount of time. The server was published back on the 1st of February, only knowing and believing that we were going to make something big, something that no one can even compete with. So OGL decided to do it. The journey was long and painful however in the end through all the tough countless hours. It was stable. And as we stand now. We are standing with strength, and a whole great community who are there to support us ever single day!


Our Content is bought with real money of GmodStore to allow that we have up to date, optimized, lag free content on our server to give players that smooth, FPS intense Gmod experience in which we know they can have on OGL Network! We offer staff support 24/7 with staff from around the world to assure you and your friends have a great time while enjoying the creative capabilities that Gmod has to offer. I cant wait to see what you have to add to the server. And what you are gonna do next. Come and join the fun!


Members: 3368
Members Online: 858
Members In-game: 57


Players: 15 / 128
Map: rp_downtown_ogl3
Gamemode: DarkRP

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